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Waste Management & Mineral Extraction

Waste management sites and mineral workings often require environmental noise assessment.  NoiseAssess is experienced in the type of noise assessment required for planning and licensing purposes.  We have carried out noise assessments for various sizes of project from small waste transfer stations to large materials recycling facilities, quarries and landfill sites.

Typical jobs require background noise surveys at positions representative of the nearest noise sensitive properties and calculation of noise levels.  Where necessary, NoiseAssess has the capability to model noise propagation over a wide area using proprietary acoustic modelling software.  We own and are experienced in using the CadnaA noise prediction software.

We have the expertise to assess noise from this type of site in accordance with BS5228 (Noise and Vibration Control on Construction and Open Sites) and MPS2 (Minerals Policy Statement 2: Controlling and Mitigating the Environmental Effects of Minerals Extraction in England, Annex 2: Noise).  Inputs to the calculation process are normally the numbers and types of plant, movement routes, operating periods and the site levels at different stages of the process.  We are also able to assess noise from fixed plant in accordance with BS4142 where necessary.

We are experienced in the assessment of sites which include crushers (e.g. concrete crushers) and power screens, balers, shredders etc. as well as mobile plant such as excavators and loading shovels.

Our consultants have also carried out noise assessments for sites designed to produce energy from waste; anaerobic digesters; combined heat and power facilities.  Experience includes renewable energy sites which use waste materials from abattoirs and agricultural processes to produce biogas and sites producing Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate (IBAA).

Our consultants Matthew Gascoigne and Richard Housley both have over 16 years experience in noise and vibration assessment.  Our long experience has put us in a very good position to be able to assist you in the noise aspects of the negotiation process with local authority environmental health officers and the Environment Agency.  Our consultants also have experience in speaking on noise issues at planning committee meetings and providing expert witness evidence for Public Inquiries.

Image by Paweł Czerwiński
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