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Commercial Developments

We provide noise and vibration consultancy services for a wide variety of commercial developments. Some examples are given here.

For new office schemes or office refurbishments internal noise levels and acoustic privacy between areas can be important issues. New mechanical services plant can also require assessment to ensure it doesn’t have an unacceptable noise impact on surrounding noise sensitive properties. Some offices are built to a certain standard under BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). Credits can be obtained for acoustic performance under Hea 13 and for noise attenuation under Pol 8. NoiseAssess consultants have experience in providing noise surveys and design advice to control noise intrusion and advice on mechanical services noise. We also provide advice on the design of walls and floors to meet appropriate levels of acoustic privacy. We have experience in providing design recommendations and of carrying out final testing for BREEAM.

NoiseAssess consultants have experience in noise assessment and acoustic design for all sizes of retail development from individual retail outlets to large retail parks. We have been the appointed acoustic consultants for a number of major supermarket projects. We are used to the complexities of the noise issues which arise in pre-planning application discussions with local authorities. We have dealt with a number of sites where there have been noise sensitive premises nearby and careful consideration has been given to the noise from increased traffic movements, deliveries and new mechanical services plant. Sometimes inappropriately worded noise-related planning conditions can be attached to planning consents and it is important to make use of experienced noise consultants in the pre-application stage to ensure that conditions are satisfactory.

We have experience of acoustic consultancy work for mixed use developments including cinemas, pubs, clubs, restaurants, theatres, conference centres, offices, recording studios, residential accommodation etc. Locating noise generating and noise sensitive uses within the same development requires particular expertise in the design of sound insulation and noise control measures. It is important to use an experienced acoustic consultancy from the outset as retrofitting noise control measures is normally very difficult in this type of development.

Image by Mikhail Derecha
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