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Noise at Work Assessments

NoiseAssess provides workplace noise assessments for a variety of businesses including manufacturing premises, entertainment premises, mail centres, printing works etc.

Where there is a risk of employees being exposed to noise above certain levels there is a statutory requirement for a noise assessment to be carried out under the Noise at Work Regulations 2005. The regulations prescribe a Lower Exposure Action Value above which hearing protection must be provided to employees who request it and an Upper Exposure Action Value above which the provision and use of hearing protection is mandatory. The key aim of the regulations is that staff are better informed of the risks associated with noise exposure and that employers take any reasonably practicable steps to reduce noise levels in the workplace. The use of hearing protection is intended to be a last resort when other means of noise control have been exhausted. Where certain areas cannot be reduced below the designated level they should be demarcated as Hearing Protection Zones within which the use of hearing protection is mandatory.

It should be noted that the limits within the regulations relate to a level of exposure not simply a noise level within the workplace and therefore the calculations must take account not only of the noise levels of different areas / activities but also the times spent in those areas or carrying out those activities. The exception to this is the peak sound pressure level given in the regulations but these figures are normally only exceeded when activities involve very high levels of impulsive noise (e.g. blasting).

NoiseAssess provides noise assessment reports in compliance with the regulations and provides recommendations for noise control measures.

Many employees have been successful in claims for compensation for noise induced hearing loss. Therefore it is all the more important that all employers have an up to date noise assessment and advice on the most cost effective measures for noise control.

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